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Application Questions

In order to get better acquainted with you, please respond to the following questions and statements

1. Please tell us about your Christian faith. You may wish to include persons, groups or events that have been or are important to your faith. In what ways are you currently living out your faith.

2. List and describe four characteristics you think are important for a summer staff member at a Christian Camp to possess.

3. Why are you interested in working with children in a Christ-centered environment? What challenges do you expect and how will you deal with those?

Employment and References

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References: List the names of a minister, teacher, employer, or others that could give a personal reference for you. Include their name, e-mail address, phone number, and relationship to you.




By signing this application, I give permission for John Knox Center to conduct a background check including State, local, criminal, and child abuse records. I also give John Knox Center permission to contact my references and previous employers for information about my character, work ethic, skills, and experience.


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