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Thank You for contributing to the ministry at the John Knox Center.  Your gift impacts the campers and guests in a real and powerful way.

Listed below are items needed for programs and maintenance at the John Knox Center. The items listed are priced for “new” items, however “like new items” are also appreciated.  If you have a question about the items listed, please contact our office (865) 376-2236.  

Wishes come in all sizes. Every wish granted is greatly appreciated.

Item Price
Gift Cards (Kroger, Lowe's, PetsMart, Amazon, Gas, Academy Sports, Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels) Various
15 Passenger Van or Suburban Large Capacity Vehicle $15,000 - $40,000
Park Benches $100
Craft Supplies (Markers, Yarn, Puff Paint, Tie-Dye Supplies, Dry Erase Markers, Etc.) $5-$30
Landscaping Plants $100
Hand Tools (Measuring Tape, Post Hole Digger, Shovel, Etc.) $100
Copy Paper $40 per case
Kayaking/Canoeing Equipment (Paddles, Lifejackets, Airbags, Equipment) $40-$700
Dawn Dish Detergent $3 per bottle
Archery Targets $50 each
Team Building Equipment $10 - $500
Paper Towels $10
Stamps (1st Class & Postcard) $50 per roll
Worship Resources $10 - $60
Multipurpose Spray Paint (Purple, Glow in the Dark, Yellow, Blue) $4 per can 
Advertising Space $80-$300
Heavy Duty Picnic Tables $100 each
First Aid Supplies (Bandaids, Bug Spray, Ace Wrap, Aloe, Sunscreen) $10-$150
Painters Tape $3 per roll
Road Gravel (Per Load) $480
Ziplock Bags (Various Sizes) $10
Batteries (9 volt, AA, AAA, D for smoke detectors & paper towel dispensers) $50
Standard Chain Saw (2) $200
Commercial Weed Eaters (2) $320 each
Lysol $3 per can
Chipper Rental $150 per day
Computer Maintenance $500
Glow In The Dark Paint $10
1 Ton Dump Truck or Non-CDL Dump Truck $7,500
Sports Balls (Basketballs, Footballs, Volleyballs, Soccer Balls, Etc.) $10 each
Craftsman Tool Set $500
Propane Tank for Grill $20 per refill
Computer Software Upgrade (4 computers)
5 Gallon Drink Cooler $40
Screw Drivers (Assortment) $20 per set
Commercial Kitchen Equipment $100-$3,500
Discs for Frisbee Golf
Commercial Cookware $250
Sharpie Markers $6 per pack
Postage (Per Church Mailing) $60-$280
Lifejackets (Various Sizes) $20 each
Utility Gator $4,500
Grass Seeds $15 per bag
Used Backhoe or Backhoe Type Machine
Heavy Duty Pool Toys $100
Magnetic Vehicle Signs (Per Vehicle)
Ropes Course Hardware $500
Utility Trailer
Hand Sanitizer (4 gal. case) $30 gal
Industrial Shop Vac $150
Rocking Chairs for Lodge Porches $100 each
Maintenance Truck with Utility Bed

John Knox Center
591 West Rockwood Ferry Road
Ten Mile, TN 37880
Phone: (865) 376-2236
Fax: (865) 376-1719
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