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Please Note: All of our team building classes require participants to fill out a Participant Release Form prior to any activities.

Click below to download this form:
“Challenge Course” has students work towards common goals in a group setting and practice teamwork by participating in cooperation games and initiatives. These activities are designed initiatives designed to challenge participants to communicate, cooperate, problem solve and trust in the members of their group. Students may experience working together to fit everyone on a very small platform for 30 seconds, all balance on a giant teeter totter, or safely get everyone across a “river of boiling peanut butter.” Challenges are debriefed so participants can discuss what kinds of behaviors were beneficial in achieving their goal and what they need to work on for the next activity. We offer many different challenge course elements and countless team activities so it is possible to take challenge course for up to three class sessions. 
Together we can make a difference!  Give your students the opportunity to participate in service projects that involve teamwork to help the environment.  Projects vary according to need and time of year.  Examples may include erosion control, cleaning up a trashy area of the lake, planting a butterfly garden, recycling, building birdhouses and more.  This is a great way to see concrete results from working together for the earth.  Some projects may even be continued back at school to improve or develop an outdoor classroom area.
HIGH ROPES 1, 2 & 3
This class utilizes the center’s high ropes course to enable participants to reach “new heights” of trust, teamwork and communication.  Walking across a balance beam that is 40 feet off the ground with the encouragement of fellow team members below can be an incredible emotional and physical challenge!  How about jumping for a trapeze from the pamper plank or swinging from rope to rope like Tarzan on a thin wire.  Each high adventure is debriefed so participants have a chance to share what they learned, how it applies to real life and how to “take it home.”  The ropes, harnesses, cables, pulleys and helmets ensure safety.  *(Normally offered to 6th grade & up. You must take Challenge Course 1 & 2 to be eligible for this class.)
Surviving in the woods requires several things - food, water, shelter and teamwork.  This class focuses on using the experiences and knowledge of the entire group to overcome certain challenges they could be faced with in survival situations. Students learn camping ethics such as “leave no trace”, the seven basic needs for survival, knot tying, fire building and shelter building.  By working together to prioritize needs and solve problems that arise, students will discover important insights about group interactions, as well as practice valuable survival skills.
This is a fun-filled group scavenger hunt that involves lots of teamwork to figure out clues, find particular items, perform various stunts, etc.  It’s an exciting way to learn to work together, test ingenuity and review information learned throughout the week. 


River Ridge Environmental Education Program
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Ten Mile, TN 37880
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John Knox Center
591 West Rockwood Ferry Road
Ten Mile, TN 37880
Phone: (865) 376-2236
Fax: (865) 376-1719
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