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ON TARGET (Archery)
Learn the parts of the bow & arrow, how to aim and shoot, safety guidelines, and the importance of target sports within various cultures.  Students will be able to try their hand at this sport on our new archery deck nestled in the woods, providing a primitive and wild sense of adventure in a controlled environment.  This class can also be tied in with our Native Ways class.
Recommended for 4th grade and above. 
Canoeing is an essential camp recreational activity that teaches teambuilding and communication.  In this course students will learn the parts of a canoe, identify parts of a paddle, rehearse paddling strokes and discuss boating safety.  Participants will then have an opportunity to practice and enjoy canoeing in the quiet cove between the centerís first and second peninsulas.  A certified life guard teaches this class.  (Offered April - May and September- October)
In this course students will become campfire gourmets as they learn how amazingly versatile cooking over an open fire can be.  The students will learn several different cooking methods by actually doing them and will even get to taste the results of their efforts!  Items on the menu may include the following: pocket stew, baked apples, cherry cobbler, banana boats, twists on a stick and símores.  Teamwork and fire safety are also stressed.
**There is an additional $1 materials fee for each participant in Campfire Gourmet.
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