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I had a really great time at River Ridge. The food was delicious and the counselors were nice and friendly. It seemed like everything was perfect. I would like to thank everyone for making our stay so enjoyable. I think everyone looked happy and comfortable at River Ridge. The people who worked at River Ridge went out of their way to make everything fun and exciting. The counselors made the activities fun. They also make learning easier. During the evening, the lake is beautiful and the trees are dark green. The air is sweet and fresh. Then the wildlife livens up the silent woods with their chatter. Over the lake, the mountains look still and beautiful. I think I chose the right place to come to camp. - Jennifer

Thank you ever so much for letting us come and enjoy environmental camp! There was so much to do, so many classes. The Night Hike was really special and so was the Challenge Night. I hope you continue to change 5th graders forever!!! PS I loved how the dining hall was set up. - Amber
Thank you for letting us come to River Ridge. The great classes you planned were lots of fun. I especially liked the Challenge Course and In Cold Blood. The Challenge Course taught me about teamwork and strategy. In Cold Blood taught me to like reptiles and amphibians. Lake Life was great because we got to go in the water. I like Get Your Bearings because it taught me how to use a compass in a cool way. The best part about River Ridge was the Night Hike. Game Night was cool too. Thank you for letting us come on that awesome trip. - Colleen
I can sum up my experience in one phrase, ďa great learning experience.Ē I enjoyed everything, the food, the cabins, the classes, and the counselors. The classes I enjoyed very much. I learned a lot, not only facts and figures but also about my friends. I even learned things I didnít know about me. - Farsad
I liked your camp. I especially like the Challenge Course. I like it because my group got 5 minutes and 40 seconds on the balance board (whale watch.) The Challenge Course was where I learned one of the most important lessons of life. Teamwork is always the best strategy. - Timothy
Thanks for teaching us all about Mother Earth and all the animals on the Earth. Thank you for teaching us how to work together and listen to each otherís plans. - Jonathan
I liked the Challenge Course because it was challenging and taught me that teamwork can go a long way. - Kyle
I had a blast! I will never look at the environment like I used to. I want to thank Shawnta for teaching me about how the different parts of trees work, Irene for teaching me how to find my way back when Iím lost in the woods, Doris for teaching me how amazing animals really are, Michael for leading our lake escapade, Sonya for teaching us a whole new method of supporting each other, Angela for teaching me the habits of birds, Kenda for a wonderful campfire brunch, and I would especially like to thank Kim and Spencer for putting this wonderful learning experience together. - Katie
Thank you for the great time. Two of my favorite things to do are working as a team and looking at reptiles. But everything was fun. - Emily
I had the most fun Iíve had in a while. I loved every class but my favorite was the Challenge Course. When it was time to go it was sad because those three days had gone by so fast. Camp River Ridge, in my opinion, is one of the most fun places Iíve been. - Rachel
One of my favorite activities was Lake Life because I learned a lot of things that I didnít already know. One thing I learned at River Ridge was what a whirligig beetle looks like. - Jenny
I really liked the Lake Life class. It was my favorite class. I learned what a carpís eggs looked like, what a whirligig beetle was, and how he uses a fin to flip itself over. I loved the way the mud sinks into your shoes and I love the water very much. Your staff was wonderful. I donít think of them as a staff anymore but as friends. Thanks again River Ridge. - Alisha
My favorite activity was the Campfire Gourmet. The reason I liked it best was because the food tasted great and I learned a lot. One thing I learned is how to roast an apple in hot coals. Thank you River Ridge for letting us come to camp. - Conner
I would rather be at River Ridge than any other camp because of how you (the instructors) treated us. You guys treated us nicely and I liked it. I had a ton of fun and I had great food. - Matt
I had a wonderful time at camp this week. Some of my favorite activities were the Challenge Course because it was fun and we had to think about what to do, and Lake Life because we could cool off, have fun, and learn about animals all at the same time. I learned how to make recycled paper in Earth Day, Every Day and that making your nose wet helped you smell better on the night hike. Thanks a lot for letting us come! - Shan
Thank you for having us there for three days and two nights. I really enjoyed my stay. My favorite things were the night hike and the challenge course. I like all the counselors. One of the things I learned was that there are many different things on the floor of the lake that could be caught. The other thing I learned was cooperation, and if you yell at each other, you donít get anywhere. - Steven
Thank you for a wonderful time. It was the best field trip I ever had! - Brieann
I thought all of the classes were wonderful. Get Your Bearings was my favorite. I enjoyed using a compass and finding intersecting trails. I really enjoyed finding a trail without a path to walk on. I thought it was fun because you get to venture! I also learned several new things about birds. Some facts were strange. Thank you to the cooking staff. You had wonderful food. Thank you River Ridge for giving me a great time. - Ed
I think River Ridge is neat because you get to learn in a different way. The thing I learned the most was teamwork and cooperation. - Jennifer
I had a great time at camp, and not just because we got out of school. Because I learned a lot about the environment and teamwork. I got to know a lot of new friends. I got to look for fish and all kinds of stuff. I learned how to use a compass. I really liked River Ridge and I want to come back this summer. - Chad
Thank you for the great time! I had a wonderful time! I liked the songs we sang and the games we played. I really liked the ďBearĒ skit. I enjoyed the Earth Day, Every Day class, Lake Life, Challenge Course, Get Your Bearings, Campfire Cooking, and the Night Hike. I thought the food and the food waste contest were great! I also liked the cabin, I thought it was great! I had a blast, thank you very much! - Irwin
I loved camp! I miss it a lot. One class that really made my day was the Campfire Gourmet cooking class. I loved making things over the fire but my favorite part was eating it! In For the Birds class, I learned that birds have 3 different types of feathers. I really has a great time. Thanks. - Meredith
Thank you for the wonderful time. I really enjoyed it. You guys made all the classes fun and I will never forget it. I wish I could come to your camp again sometime. I will never forget the Challenge Course and Lake Life because those were my favorite classes. - Joshua
I enjoyed everything but the three things I really liked were breakfast, lunch, and dinner! - Magon
Thanks for a great time. I learned how to learn about nature and still have fun doing so. Thanks for making it fun for us. - Danny
I really liked the trip. It was so fun and I learned a lot about the environment. I took home the thing you taught me about wasting food. (By the way, the food was great!) - Erica
Iíd like to thank the staff for being such a special part in our trip to River Ridge. - Brad
Thank you for the fun and wonderful activities you let us do or you planned for us, we enjoyed them. I really enjoyed all the games and songs. Most of all, thank you for acting our ages, it was fun. I hope I can come back this summer, it was one of the best places I have ever been, even though a bug stuck to my washcloth, but it was fun. Also thank you for teaching us all the things you did because you taught us a lot and we learned a lot. I liked all of you guys because you really acted our age and taught us in a nice funny way. - Kandi
Thank you for teaching me about reptiles and amphibians. I really liked Lake Life too. It was really cool. I think the night hike was the best. I liked all the games you taught me. Overall I liked camp a lot. - Jessica
I am writing to thank all of you. All of you were kind and most of all, energetic! Thank you also for helping me get over my fear of snakes. This was the best camp - actually it was better than Disney World. - Mike
First of all I want to thank everyone who planned all this. I really want to thank Michael for all the games on the night hike (I will play the bat and moth game with my friends) and for the Lake Life class - I enjoyed catching that sunfish with you. I wish we couldíve stayed longer. Say hello to the snake for me. - Matt
I really enjoyed Environmental Camp. I liked it because fun people taught the classes and you could understand what they were trying to teach you. - Brian
The River Ridge Program taught me about cooperation and teamwork. The challenge area was very difficult with everyone yapping at the same time. - Matt
I really enjoyed your camp. I love all your counselors, they were really fun. The class I loved best and was the hardest was the Challenge Course. I couldnít believe we actually did it! - Emily
My trip to River Ridge is going to be one of those things I donít think Iíll ever forget. I will always remember the Get Your Bearings class. It was the first time I really learned how to use a compass. Another class I really enjoyed was the Campfire Gourmet class because my family does a lot of camping. Iíll be able to fix those things when we go camping. Lake Life was especially neat because who wouldíve thought there was so may things just right by the bank! The whole thing was a lot of fun. - Jon
Campfire Gourmet was really good. At home Iím going to try cooking dinner like that. I think Amazing Animals was fun. Doris did a great job of teaching us about animalís ears, eyes, and noses. I really liked doing the teeth thing too. I hope all the classes have as good of a time as we did. - Lisa
I liked the food waste thing. I didnít know how much food we waste. - Erin
I really liked environmental camp. It was fun to be somewhere next to the woods. I donít live by many trees. Laila
River Ridge was very fun. I loved all the classes. I canít choose a favorite. I loved the night hike though. Especially when I found out the female firefly blinks a different signal then eats the male. I thought the food was great. Everyone at my table agreed with me. The food waste contest was fun too. - Melissa
You really planned a lot of really fun activities! I really enjoyed the lunchroom. The food was out of this world! Thanks a lot. - Jay
You made River Ridge Environmental Camp really fun and exciting! Iíd just like to say thanks for that. My group started off with Campfire Gourmet. It was great! The cherry cobbler was the best Iíd ever had. Then we moved on to Tree Sense. I learned how to identify some trees Iíd never even heard of. I had a lot of fun! The last 5 activities were great too. In Get Your Bearings I learned exactly how to use a compass. In Amazing Animals I learned that mothers find their babies by smell. In Lake Life I learned how important it is for lakes not to be polluted. In Challenge Course I learned to use team work. In For the Birds I learned to identify some birds. Again Iíd like to say thanks to all the staff. - Jenny
Iím sure that anyone who visits River Ridge will enjoy it as much as I did! - Kristina

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