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Want a night of brain teasers? This evening program is a series of activities that challenge students to communicate, think under pressure and work together as a team to accomplish various goals. Tasks may include building a tower of clothespins, designing an aluminum foil boat that can hold the most rocks or one of many other activities. Challenge Night is a great addition to your visit if your group is not already taking Challenge Course 1, 2, or 3.  Participants will accomplish challenges in their field groups.
Get ready for a fast paced program that runs much like a zany TV show. Teams earn points for having the person with the most hilarious laugh, best group rendition of a nursery rhyme music video, best impersonation, answering trivia questions etc. Dutch Auction is designed to heighten cooperation and the imagination. For an added bonus, have students bring old costumes or unique clothing to add a hint of craziness!
A high energy, fun filled night of wild and crazy games and activities sure to keep your group moving. 
The Night has always conjured visions of darkness and mystery. Darkness provides many challenges for people and animals but all have adapted over time. Learn about all things nocturnal by taking a hike through the woods and learning about the senses, bioluminescence, stars, night vision and more! Let us dispel  your myths, help overcome fears and help you better understand and appreciate the forest at night. Great for all ages!

**Fall is the optimal time to experience a night hike.  Schools wishing to take this course in the spring may have their typical daily schedules changed to ensure it is dark during this class.
This class aims to instill in students both an appreciation for their past and a sense of place in their present.  Learning of the hardships that the American pioneers endured will attempt to give students a new respect for the human sprit.  Performing some of the daily tasks of the early American settlers (dipping candles, making butter, twisting rope, etc.) will lead to a new understanding and appreciation for the life these pioneers lived.  The interdependence among families in a community and wise allocation and conservation of limited resources in the past compared to modern times is also brought to light.  Special mention of pioneers who called John Knox Center home is also highlighted.

**There is an additional $1 materials fee for each participant in Pioneer Fair
**Recommended for groups under 50 students, please call with concerns

What better way to have the ultimate “camp” experience than to sing songs, participate in skits and listen to stories around a campfire! You never know what sort of fun will be conjured up at this action packed activity. Our staff will have you laughing in your seats and cheering on your students as everyone takes part in the fun.  (All ages)


River Ridge Environmental Education Program
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John Knox Center
591 West Rockwood Ferry Road
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Phone: (865) 376-2236
Fax: (865) 376-1719
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