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Parent Information
CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT - Residential camp check-in is from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. Check-out is from 3:30 to 4:30 . Day camp runs from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.
REGISTRATION – Register online by clicking here

Pricing - Realizing that families have different abilities and resources to pay for summer camp, John Knox Center is utilizing a voluntary three-tiered pricing program. You may choose the tier that is most suitable for your family. It is a "free-will” system; you pick the level that is comfortable and affordable for you. Our goal in introducing tiered pricing is simple. We want to continue to provide Christ centered programming in a safe, welcoming and fun environment, while offering opportunities for partnership for those who value this ministry and wish to help preserve John Knox Center for generations to come.

Tier I– The lowest subsidized rate John Knox Center has historically offered. This price does not reflect what it costs for a camper to attend summer camp.

Tier II– A partially subsidized rate for families who wish to pay a little more and help support the John Knox Center ministry, but cannot afford the full price of camp.

Tier III– The rate which most closely reflects what it costs for a camper to attend John Knox Center, including facility upkeep, staffing, utilities, and equipment.

Refunds Our refund schedule is listed below.
Refund Schedule
More than 30 days from start of child's camp session= 100% (minus $40 registration fee)
30 to 15 days from start of child's camp session= 50% (minus $40 registration fee)
14 days or less from start of child's camp session = No refunds

PAYMENT-Please be sure to have your balance paid in full by two weeks prior to arrival of your camp session..After this deadline registrations should include payment in full (excluding any portion paid by your church). Please contact us if other arrangements are needed.
FORMS- Health, Permission and Medication forms can be downloaded with online registration. There are four pages to turn in: Health Form, Permission Form and two medication forms. A copy of a sports/school health exam is acceptable as long as it is dated and has a licensed medical personnel’s signature. Licensed medical personnel include physicians, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners. If you have a signature on file from last year, fill in date of exam and write "signature on file” on the signature line and fill out the rest of the page. Please update the immunizations records and all health history information.The two medication forms are to be completed and emailed in. Please click here to access the documents.

MEDICATION - All medications must be in the original container with the camper's name and clear instructions on a pharmacy label. Medications listed on the over-the counter (OTC) form will be provided by the camp.
CONFIRMATIONS/EMAIL -Confirmations will be sent to the parent email address listed. 
Please call the office with any questions (865) 376-2236.
Thank you for registering.

Before Camp

Can my child come to camp, even if our family is not Presbyterian?

Yes, we are all God’s children and camp is a place for everyone. John Knox Center does not discriminate based on race, gender, color, gender expression, sexual orientation or religious affiliation. EVERYONE has a place at CAMP.

What can I do to ensure my child has a wonderful camp experience?

Most importantly, be positive! If you allow your child to have a good experience, he or she will have one. Anticipate camp with your child months before they attend. Discuss your child’s fears, excitement, and uncertainty. Build their confidence and self-esteem.

Do I need to pack money for my child?

Only if he or she is participating in an Adventure Camp. Campers on adventure trips will mostly be off-site, so they might want to have spending money. They will be responsible for their own money at all times; at no time will a John Knox Center staff member assume that responsibility. All food will be provided. For all other campers, there is nothing to buy. However, on the first and last day of the camping session, you will have the opportunity to purchase camp merchandise. Each camper will receive one camp T-shirt as part of the registration cost.

Can my child bring his or her cell phone or electronics?

No. We ask that all campers leave any device at home. If a camper decides to bring any form of device, the devices will be confiscated by staff, given to our Program Director for safe keeping, and returned at the end of their camping session if found. This is because we want your camper to experience being in the outdoors with their peers without the pull of the outside world. Also, we find that these items are often damaged or lost while at camp. If you feel the need to communicate with your child while at camp, you can use our email service.

At Camp

Will my child be able to email or call home?

No. Part of the learning experience of camp is gaining independence from parents while learning to interact with peers and adults on their own. We find that talking with you will only make homesickness worse for your child. You may send bunk notes and mail to your child. Make sure to keep your messages positive and upbeat. Your child can always send you letters as well; remember to send them to camp with stamps and envelopes.

Do campers have Bible study every day?

Yes. A Christ-centered program is at the heart of all we do. Each day, campers participate in an interactive Bible study lesson and nightly worship service led by a John Knox Center Staff member or a visiting chaplain.

What will my child be doing during the day?

Several different activities. There is a large selection of activities including, but not limited to, high ropes challenges, daily Bible study, team building challenge course, archery, swimming, arts and crafts, water skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. Your child will have plenty to do at camp!

Will my child be supervised at all times?

Yes. At no time is a child unsupervised by an adult. Campers are never without at least one staff member. The John Knox Center is accredited by the American Camping Association whose strict standards ensure your child’s safety while at camp.

How does John Knox hire the staff who will be supervising my child?

Very carefully. Many of our staff are former campers who have a love for children and the ministry of Camp John Knox. We recruit from churches, camping ministry websites, and universities. All of our staff members must submit to a background investigation and complete a lengthy interview process before being considered for a position on the John Knox Center Summer Staff. All hired staff members participate in an intensive training to get them prepared for a summer with campers.

After Camp

Can my child write letters to staff members after he or she has returned home?

Yes. Your child can send mail to our staff at the same address you sent your child mail during his or her session. However, we have a social media policy that prohibits staff from friending, following, etc campers on social media while they are a John Knox Center employee.

Can my child come to camp again in the same summer?

Absolutely. We welcome campers to return if they have had a positive experience at Camp John Knox. You can sign up for another session at your child’s last day of camp, or complete a second online registration form.