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Sewing on the River Registration

Please select from the options below. You will be asked to select how long you would like to attend the retreat and what accommodations you would like. Lodging and sewing space assignments will be made as the balance due is paid in full.


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Sunday Arrival (Check in at 4:00. Meals Included: Breakfast Monday, No Sunday Dinner) $35.00 $

Monday - Wednesday (Meals Included: Lunch Monday - Lunch Wednesday) $160.00 $

Monday - Thursday (Meals Included: Lunch Monday - Lunch Thursday) $200.00 $

Monday - Friday (Meals Included: Lunch Monday - Lunch Friday) $235.00 $

I will not be spending the night

Please select 1 sleeping space. Spaces will be assigned when balance is paid in full.

Cabin B1

Cabin B2

Cabin B3

Cabin B4

Cabin C4

Cabin C5

Dorm Room 1

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Dorm Room 4

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Dorm Room 6

Please select 1 sewing space. Spaces will be assigned when balance is paid in full.

Abel Lodge

B Lodge

There is a $25 non-refundable deposit which is included in the total fee. Spaces will be assigned as the balance due is paid in full. To pay by check, mail a check to our office at 591 W Rockwood Ferry Rd. Ten Mile TN, 37880. Please record the check number below. For a refund of all but the $25 deposit please cancel by calling (865) 376-2236 at least 14 days before the retreat begins. Check Number

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